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"The class is the best decision I've made in years.”
~ Catharine Dill
Jacob Slominski
Medical Editing Class

Medical Editing Course


In this eight-day course, you'll master medical style, edit plenty of copy, and learn factchecking and digital editing. Afterwards, I'll give you a roadmap and support to get gigs. Editing experience or a background in medicine is a plus but not essential. Many students find work as freelancers or staff editors, and my class is recommended by editorial directors at several medical ad agencies as well as by Metroproof, a major temp employer of editors in NYC.

Please see the Upcoming Classes page for details, or contact me below. I'm happy to help you figure out if this course is right for you!


Student Testimonials

"Jacob's medical editing class is one of the best investments I've made in my career. He carefully walked me through every detail I needed to learn to begin working as a medical editor and proofreader. From the most relevant points of AMA style, to the practical aspects of freelancing in the NYC market, he made sure I had everything I needed to get started. I began freelancing through one of the agencies he recommended, and eventually joined one of my client companies as a full-time editor. Jacob's class made this career transition possible for me, and I'm so grateful."
~ Jen Adams 

“After years of supporting my artwork by cobbling together multiple odd jobs, I ran into a description of Jacob's medical editing class. I'm naturally drawn to grammar and writing style, and the class seemed like a good fit for me. Jacob's instruction is clear and his class is rigorous. I learned everything I needed to pass an editing test and I got the first job I interviewed for, where I've been working for a year. My small investment in the class has paid multitudes; my job pays well, offers benefits and allows plenty of time for pursuit of my artwork. The class is the best decision I've made in years.

~ Catharine Dill

“I was a recent college graduate when I took Jacob’s class, and his expertise and detailed lessons opened the door to agencies and assignments that I couldn’t have reached on my own. After his class, I knew the trickiest and most important points of AMA style and had a well-annotated manual to back me up. And with the extra exercises and resources that came with the class, I could keep practicing editing on my own. I had an offer for a full-time editorial position within just a few months of taking Jacob’s class.
~ Sam Dibella

"If you need a lucrative and recession-proof gig to to support your creative pursuits, Jacob’s class teaches you exactly what you need to know to start working immediately as a medical proofreader or editor. Six months after I finished his class, I’m now a senior editor, have doubled my income, and am about to take my first real work sabbatical since I left graduate school. Jacob’s class (and advice) changed my life."

~ Deirtra (Dee Dee) Thompson

Jacob's medical editing class was indispensable in helping me get into the medical editing industry. In just two classes he provided both a thorough overview of common style and grammar issues and a plan to help us start getting work as soon as possible. I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in editing, writing, or grammar.”

~ Natasha Wenner

"I've worked in publishing as a writer, editor, and proofreader for a number of years and took Jacob's class to add to my skill set. He gave a thorough class in medical editing, making sure I knew all steps in the process and providing resources to help me practice and study for companies' tests. Since then, medical editing has provided a steady stream of income for me as a freelancer, and I credit Jacob's class for opening up that part of the publishing world to me."

~ Kathleen Scheiner


about Jacob

In 2007, I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in biology, and taught middle-school science before pursuing a career in dance and choreography. To support my performance career, I've worked for nearly 15 years as a medical editor; I started teaching editing as a favor to friends, and the success of my students has kept me teaching.

After years of dancing and creating work in NYC, I developed debilitating chronic pain and eventually recovered. I now work as a coach with Healing Track helping others recover from persistent pain.

I grew up in San Diego, lived in Brooklyn for a decade, and recently bought a house in Clermont, NY, where I live with my wife, my 5-year-old daughter, and six chickens. 


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